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Industrial Drill

 About Us 

Since 1999, Right Coast Machine shop is a family owned and opperated busnisess. It has been serving the south Texas area. As the new era of technology has change so have we bringing in new and update machines and machinists. We now offer you high precision machining in advance technology with our new Hass cnc and flow waterjet machines.



We dedicate our business to improve your work flow insuring

that all the parts that are manufacture are inspected and  

tested before it is put in your hands. Quality and safety is our

number one priority. With over 20 years experiance we make

sure that you part is design for the application and exceed its 


We understand metals

All jobs are different and requirer different materials. We have worked with a wide verity of materials from Plastics to heat treated A2 to even titanium. We can help you deside what is best for you application.


All of our parts are manufacture and tested inhouse using the best calibrated tools.


We work with many providers of material and always looking for the best price on material.


We are available 24/7 for any job. We work thru your shutdowns so you have your equipment up and running in no time.

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